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SheLovesSports,com  features an enticing blend of content, commerce, and services geared toward active and performance-oriented girls and women who represent the fastest-growing segment of purchasers in the overall sporting goods market.


We address the traditionally underserved needs of athletic girls and women from the novice to the expert and celebrate the coming of a new "Our Time to Play" day where girls and women participate in the same numbers as boys and men.

This growth in the girls and women in sports is propelled not only by a concern for girls and women's health but also by a recognition that learning the lessons of sports contributes to being more competitive and successful in life and in the world of business. We are in the middle of a dramatic lifestyle shift where parents of today are supporting their daughter's participation in sports at an earlier age. 


The expansion of the girl's and women's athletic sports market has created an ever-increasing demand for more information, advice,  apparel, programs, equipment, and products that target female participants of all kinds and of all ages. SheLovesSports is uniquely qualified to provide resources for female athletes which often have not been readily available.

Our team of experienced professionals is on call to respond to the increasing demand for expert advice on a wide range of topics that include guidance in the areas of scholarship information, athletic recruiting and NIL opportunities, mental health, athletic performance, sport-specific skill development,  equipment, apparel, nutrition, diet, and healthy lifestyles.   

We believe girls and women in sports can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

    To serve as an online resource for girls and women seeking opportunities to enjoy sports, play sports, and work in sports utilizing whatever means necessary.

"Our Time To Play!"


Our Vision

To fight for the equal rights of girls and women to participate in sports and help provide resources and funding to do so. Our vision is to utilize the natural attraction of sports and athletics to reach, teach and improve the physical, social and mental development of girls and women in sports resulting in better use of leisure time and promoting employability in sports-related industries.

We Need Your Support Today!

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